An exploration of a beach.


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Have you ever considered remaking this using Bitsy?

Granted, it appears to be written with Twine in mind -- those brief paragraphs may seem clunky inside the Bitsy dialog boxes.

But the exploratory aspects lend themselves well to Bitsy. You already seem quite adept at mapping out tiles representing cliffs, shorelines, and crashing waves. The various pebble options seem like a natural fit for sprite interactions.


I hadn't actually considered remaking this for the simple reason that I tend to make all my games in a short one or two sittings, so they are very much the product of a time/place/emotional state for me. I do think if I wanted to do something similar in the future I'd probably turn to Bitsy as my tool of choice, particularly as I have seen some bits about incorporating Tracery scripting inside Bitsy games that looks quite cool!

Thank you for the kind comments about my art, I appreciate it :)