Turn this barren patch of earth into a wildlife haven by clicking the sprouts to wake them up.

Made at the Brighton, UK site for the Global Game Jam 2020 - the theme was 'repair'. I made this while also running the site for 90+ jammers. I made it in Construct 2 while feeling very rusty.

I also applied the following diversifiers to the game:

Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software): Create a game that can be understood regardless of which language the player speaks

!Coding: Don't write a single line of text to create your game. Only use game engine built-in features and visual scripting.

Eco Action: Taking inspiration from UN sustainable development goal 13, make a game that explores and/or inspires people to learn about and take environmental action about the climate.

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Made withConstruct
Tags2D, bees, Construct 2, flowers, Global Game Jam 2020, Global Game Jam, microgame, trashgame


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short and sweet. You did a good job. I appreciate the changes in the landscape as more plants bloom. 

This mute game works like a charming poem.

Thank you! I totally meant to add sound but I got so tangled up in running the site that I ran out of time :(

Sorry (: i meant "without words", regarding the language independency

I love how the landscape changes as you wake up the sprouts - and there are crows! <3