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Part of the Actual Adult Games jam April 2019.

I made six microgames on the theme of mundane adult tasks. I made them in WarioWare DIY which I used for the first time today - and made the whole thing over the course of an evening ably supported with ideas and moral support from @profaniti. In some ways the bewildering timelimit kind of helps with that feeling of being a stressed adult.

If you have a Nintendo DS and a copy of WarioWare DIY I highly recommend trying it out and seeing how far you can push the tools, it's a surprisingly interesting sandbox I only just scratched the surface of today!

Because the servers for sharing these games are long dead, I'm afraid you have to deal with a video of the games. They have no sound effects or bespoke music because my old DSlite speakers cut out all the time, yet somehow managed to behave for the video.


ASeriesOfAdultTasks.zip 143 MB

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